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Wordpress WP Splash Lite Plugin

Current Version: v1.0.4
Last Update: 2014-10-06

This plugin allows you to work on your website and have a custom splash page at the same time.

Only administrators can see your website. Or if you wish to like it to show to a client, you can send them the link with: www.example.com/?splash=off

The WP-Splash-Lite plugin has been made in my personal time, and I do not ask any money for it, however if you which to buy me a coffee, then feel free to donate whatever it's worth to you and this will be much appreciated.

 Example of current Splash Page

This page is under construction, please check back later.

Note for the webmaster: To change the splash page, please create a file: "splash-page.template.php" in your template folder. If you wish to turn off the splash page, please deactivate this plugin "WP-Splash-Lite"

Changing the splash page

Customizing is really easy, just create a file named "splash-page.template.php" in your theme folder and you good to go, it will use that page and you can use CSS, HTML and PHP in there. This is really recommended since you can have your own or client logo on the page.


Feel free to donate

Download a splash page

Download a splash page for Wordpress

Click here to download wp-splash-lite.zip v1.0.4


On the wordpress website (Official page)

You can find this plugin on the official plugin page


Customized under construction page for wordpress

If you do need to customize your page under construction splash page, then you should totally try our plugin, since you can update the page all the way.